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Musical Echoes needs volunteers to be successful and we appreciate any time you can contribute. If you are interested, please fill in the form below and we will be in contract with you soon.

Basically the tasks are helping to set up on Friday from 8am to noon, then help with whatever needs to be done during the Musical Echoes events on Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday plus helping to take things down on Sunday afternoon at about 3pm for a couple hours.

Setup and tear down does not include the main tents on stage, for workshops, or the center tent as they will be set up and taken down by the tent people.

Help is needed at the center tent with the items for the silent auction, arts and flutes competition, t-shirt sales, etc. Help may be needed for any workshops that may be scheduled. We may need to help manage the parking and may clean up portions of the park missed by the city staff. The volunteer’s job is to be available near the center tent in case some help is needed.

There is probably nothing heavy to lift but just to be available for whatever comes up. Another main effort is to help the Musical Echoes staff take down a few small pop-up tents and move some chairs and tables to the main tent on Sunday at closing for a couple hours.

The plan is to start at 8am each day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and divide the day into 3 or 4 hour time blocks: 8-12, 12-3pm, 3pm-6pm, 6pm-9pm. Please let us know which time blocks and days you’d like to help with. Feel free to volunteer for one or more time slots and one or more days.

We appreciate any time you can afford to give and your willingness to consider helping.

Thanks very much,

Board of Directors,
Musical Echoes Flute And Art Festival

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